Corporate Philosophy

LONDWILL is completely independent of any manufacturer, contractor, insurer, insured and finacial institution and exclusively represents the interests of its clients.

• Londwill does not support any unethical business practices, corruption, fraudulence etc. in its way to conduct business. All employees are committed to the highest standards in business ethics.

• Sound co-operation with the customer is essential for the success of a project. For this reason Londwill attaches great importance to reliability and to the strict observance of contract stipulations and target dates.

• Londwill meticulously analyses any problem in concern and the wishes of its customer in detail and proposes optimal solutions which correspond to state-ofthe-art technology.

• Top quality work is the best reference. Consequently, Londwill pays special attention to functionality, operation and maintenance, safety and environmental sustainability, as well as economic efficiency and durability of the planned installations.

• Londwill places great emphasis on having satisfied employees, and therefore also on long-term job security, interesting projects and a positive work environment and climate.

• The owners of Londwill expects the environmentally and sociologically aware business activities of Londwill to generate revenue in order to be able to guarantee the long-term existence of the company and the jobs linked to it.

• Londwill continuously strives to improve quality and efficiency of work and services provided.

• Londwill handles orders according to the principles of strict confidentiality and secrecy towards third parties.

• Londwill’s professional team has been involved in numerous major projects in Iran, working for clients in different organizational structures, as professional skilled worker responsible for managing director, project manager, leader, expert in around the globe.