Audit & FAT Services

Factory Acceptance Testing & Auditing Ensures Safety and Quality of Equipment; Prior to delivery or final installation of equipment, clients need to ensure that it operates as intended during the required life cycle. In achieving this, clients are therefore able to verify that all specifications and contractual requirements have been met by their sub-contractors.

Equipment or components that fail to meet with specifications or contractual requirements can result in delays, contractual penalties or projects running over budget. Clients are therefore reliant on factory acceptance test (FAT) Audits.

Londwill as an independent verification company can support your project by ensuring that the proven quality standards of your factory equipment and components are met by witnessing the appropriate testing on your behalf.

Our factory acceptance testing services offer you:

• Confidence that the equipment or plant performs as expected under the full range of foreseeable conditions
• Checking for completeness and functionality to final inspection and dispatch
• Verification of contractual requirements
• Verification of the quality of documentation
• Support to avoid or at least minimize contractual penalties, claims or the possibility of project budget overrun
• Specialist knowledge in assuring the quality of industrial equipment, machinery, components, products and materials
• Extensive experience gained in overall global projects across the globe
• Independent and qualified proof of functionality, quality and integrity.
• Verification of all-important documents, such as manuals, instructions, plans, drawings, piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs)
• Ensuring that your equipment or plant performs as expected under the testable range of foreseeable conditions, including extreme operations.

As a service provider, we offer you the accreditation, technical expertise and years of experience needed to provide you with reliable factory acceptance tests, supported by a global network of expert professionals, we can provide trained and qualified technical specialists whenever and wherever required.