Compliance & Safety Survey

To ensure that the respective workforce’s training, qualifications, emergency response of critical operation, work practices and emergency support equipment is fully compliant with company and industry standards. A critical factor in realizing reliable safety and operational excellence.
Safety & compliance surveys represent one of the most important elements in the implementation of an effective occupational health and safety program. This requires experiences Inspectors to conduct regular work area safety inspections, to record detailed information about all of your safety observations.
Linking these observations to non-conformance reports and corrective and preventive actions to identify and prevent potential hazards through recording and trending observations across offshore job sites and geographical regions.

The benefits and purposes of conducting safety & compliance surveys are as follows:
• To Identify uncontrolled hazardous conditions, processes, and work practices that may lead to injury, illness, or prohibited releases to the environment.
• To serve as a communication tool by which responsible individuals are made aware of the Potentially hazardous processes, conditions, or work practices and appropriate control measures.
• To Identify regulatory risk by assessing compliance with various regulatory standards.
Londwill is fully qualified to can conduct such survey’s to verify the required compliance and ensure that your drilling unit is fully compliant with relevant standards and can

• Improve operational stability and sustainability
• Prevent the occurrence of catastrophic events
• Reduce serious injuries and fatalities
• Design leading and lagging measures that drive safety performance
• Strengthen safety leadership capability
• Integrate process and personal safety leadership best practices into a continuous performance improvement system
• Integrate contingency planning within daily operations