Marine Warranty

Rig condition & acceptance surveys are defined as comprehensive assessments by way of a detailed evaluation of equipment and systems This inspection will cover an in-depth survey of the state of maintenance of the rig. It includes an inspection of all safety critical elements of the installation and all equipment that could be anticipated to cause operational downtime when a mechanical failure of that equipment occurs.

The inspection includes, but is not limited to, the opening of critical equipment for verification that the equipment has been kept in a safe and reliable working condition and includes all major items of equipment to ensure a detailed examination of gear teeth, bearings, chains and ancillary parts for excessive wear, damage, cracks and other defects and for the measurements of clearances.

In addition function testing, pressure testing, load testing and insulation resistance checks for all critical equipment on board the drilling unit, as applicable, will be conducted accompanied by a check that the proper safety devices are installed and are working correctly to prevent accidents and equipment failures.

Our safety inspections can be tailored to your requirements and can incorporate IMO Modu Code, requirements, UK & reciprocal International Department of Energy standards, General Safety Equipment inspections, Safety and Emergency Procedures, Safety Cases, System and Equipment Design with relation to safety, Testing of Equipment Safety Devices and Systems as well as a review of the Safety Aspects of Well Control Equipment and Procedures.

The analysis of equipment condition and standards of maintenance is always in accordance with API & IADC standards and includes the equipment manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations.