Partner with us to ensure a smooth transition for your company on International Forum on Quality & Safety in Healthcare and also Transition to the new ISO standards of 2015.

We provide a setting for your company to meet, learn, share local knowledge and recognize accomplishments in improving quality and safety for patients and communities across the world.

Through our work we meet dedicated people that have different competencies and perspectives than we have. But we work together towards the same goal for Safety Risk Management in making the world safer, smarter and greener.

Competence Certification services

Oil & Gas training encompassing:
• Hazard leadership
• Hazard operations
• Offshore operations
• Offshore pipeline training
• Ship and port security training
• Subsea, risers and umbillicals
• Sustainable gases and clean energy

Maritime Training encompassing:
• Class & Statutory
• Offshore Maritime Training
• Competence and qualification
• Knowledge and Management
• Energy Efficiency
• Environmental Protection
• Risks & Emergencies
• Safety
• Security
• Surveys and Inspections